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QMilk is a luxury, award winning new generation skincare brand made in Germany, which combines nature, science and holistic approach to create a unique cosmetic with guaranteed permanently healthy looking skin. Especially suitable for dry, sensitive and problem skin.

The QMILK innovation is the processing of high fresh milk proteins with eco plant oils to a holistic care system in a fresh cosmetic. QMILK combines the knowledge of Ayurvedic treasures and modern cosmetics. Biomolecules such as proteins, lipids and amino acids and their biochemical effects when combined with primary and secondary natural substances is researched for use in dermatological cosmetics. During the development of QMILK skin care products the special attention has been paid to dry, sensitive and problem skin.
The QMILK formulation is unique and patented with an exceptionally high percentage of fresh milk proteins. As a result, QMILK supplies the skin with all amino acids. It is very important that there is a healthy balance of amino acids as if there is a lack of certain amino acids the function of others is also often restricted. Only the active ingredient milk can meet this demand. Nature has worked on this recipe for hundreds of thousands of years.
QMILK- products have been tested by medical practitioners and their patients with the result "remarkably successful" and almost "sensational".
Packaging made from QMILK biopolymer produced by the same company is ecological and biodegradable.
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